Quarantine - Missing Work

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  Been in quarantine and laid off since March 17th. I, like a lot of people are getting antsy and want things to get back to normal, at the same time, I don't want poor decision making rushing things and sending us right back to where we are now, but I fear that is what's going to happen. I'll save and spare the speech (for now) on how I truly feel.


  I feel incredibly lucky to have landed where I have with my job at Northeast Paving, formerly Lane Construction. When I got divorced and moved out, basically I was starting all over again. Only work I had at the time was my photography business and things were off to a very slow start for that wedding season and knew I needed something else if I was going to make all this work, being my only source of income, no one to help with expenses for the most part over the long haul of rebuilding my life, a kid to raise. People had helped me with getting into the place where live, helped me with food, furniture, and simple emotional support until I was able to get on somewhat of stable ground.


  My brother-in-law told me that there was a job position being created for someone to pressure wash tri-axels and other equipment. I'll admit, I was reluctant but desperate for work so I applied and got the job. Best god damn thing I have done in a long time. I work with a great group of people who have become some of my best friends, I have benefits and steady income.


 What we are experiencing now will pass and over time we will get back to normal. Take this time to reflect on the things you have and be thankful that there are so many out there trying to help us do that, try to avoid all the negative and slanted judgement of others and focus on yourselves, friends, family and the getting back to normal.







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