Quarantine - Homemade Tabasco Sauce

April 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


  I'm, for sure, a spicy food junky to say the least. It's incredibly rare you will ever see me not add some sort of heat to what ever I'm eating or cooking.

 Since I have had the time lately, thought I would try my hand at making some hot sauce.

 Basically I made my own version of Tabasco sauce (non-fermented). I must say it turned out pretty damn good and was a good way for me to use up most of the dried Tabasco peppers I had from my previous garden. I even ended up with a bout a third of a cup of chili paste.

 On a side note, with all the time that I have had off because of the quarantine I've been trying to make as much use of my time doing things I have wanted to for a while. With the rise in some food cost I am also looking for ways to be just a little more self sufficient and take the time to learn how to do that. I encourage those reading this to do the same. Plus it's a whole lot cheaper than buying the store bought stuff.


Here is the link with the recipe I used as a jumping off point.







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