Monkey See, Monkey Do ;-)

October 01, 2014  •  1 Comment

As we all know, having children involved in any wedding, it's going to be a hit or miss situation if they actually completed the task they are given the way it's supposed to be done. Either way, it's a wonderful expirence for the children and families involved and very special to the bride and groom to have the children take part in their wedding ceremonies, no matter how perfect they execute the task.

These two, were of no exception.

Above, on the left, is my daughter, and on the right, my niece. They have been talking about this day for months, getting to wear their special "princess" dresses and going to the "big party." to "throw" flowers.

As they came around the bend and saw all the guest, they just stopped. You could hear the crowd saying "ahh look how cute, adorable, beautiful, they are," etc. They just stood there for a second and smiled. Around the corner was my wife giving them instructions to sprinkle the flowers and walk towards me.

Instead, fists full of flowers for each of them, first my daughter, then my niece. It was a beautiful moment on a beautiful day.


Peggy Saylor(non-registered)
you are so talented Dean and your daughter and niece are so cute and photogenic. God bless.
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